April 18th, 2014

Wants Post

If any of the owners of these pictures wish for me to take it down, let me know and I will~


Clear old-style kid

Clear newer-release kids

I have the blue-base non-stamping one already, but still need the self-inking blue, green, and pink? bases.

Green clear Ninetales figure.

Silver Ninetales figure.

Pikachu Ninetales bromidePikachu vs. Ninetales card.0006bh0q
NINETALES SETTEI. I've only seen this once and NEED THIS in my life.


Ninetales metal figures- need the moss colored and the bronze versions.
PictureNinetales pan sticker.

Absol/Mega Absol:

Absol footprint
Absol footprint (with base)
absol zukan
Absol Zukan w/ base
Absol 2003 Banpresto plush
2003 Banpresto plush
Standing European TOMY Figure
Bandai Poseable figure

Absol Pokedoll can badge- this I am also actively searching for, but with no luck. :(

Absol stamper
ABSOL WOOD BLOCK STAMPER- I'm willing to pay beautifully for this!
PS: If you have any other Absol  or Mega Absol merch than pictured here, contact me about trades.

Banpresto Crane game keychain

metal key strap
metal key strap

tretta absol mega absol

Tretta featuring Absol, able to evolve.

shiny absol kid
Shiny Absol kid.

pan sticker album
Pan sticker album featuring Absol, hidden in the left bottom corner.

absol keychain tomy figure
Absol TOMY keychain figure.

mega absol attack pan sticker
Mega Absol 'attack pose' pan sticker.

Pumpkaboo can badge
Pumpkaboo can badge
pumpkaboo clearfile
Pumpkaboo clearfile
pumpkaboo tretta
Pumpkaboo Tretta