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Permanent Sales Post

Sales permission received 3/15/2013 by allinia
Feedback Link: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/vulpeslagopus/

- I ship from IN, USA to worldwide. Please ask shipping quotes beforehand if you live overseas.
-Paypal only, USD.
- Totals will include: Item Price + PP fees + Shipping.
- I will hold an order for 24 hours, after which the next person inquiring about said item will receive priority. If a longer period of hold is needed, CONTACT ME! (I don't bite, promise!)
- I will ship once payment has been cleared and will let you know when I have shipped your order.
- Once your order has left my hands, I am no longer responsible if the post loses it. I will, however provide proof of shipment if asked.
- Haggling is accepted, though please don't be offended if I refuse your offer.
- I accept trades- mostly Vulpix/Ninetales merchandise.

JAKKS PLUSH- All $3, except Leafeon $15 OBO, Oddish $9 each, Azurill $6 (no tush tag though), larger Chimchar/Change to Pokeball Tepig also $3 each

Pokedolls: All have no hang tag, but all have tush tags (save for Darkrai/Palkia).
Loved Minun Pokedoll: $7
Darkrai Pokedoll (JP, no tags) $13
US Celebi Pokedoll: $13
US Flareon Pokedoll: $15
Palkia Pokedoll: $7

MWT: Tepig x2 $2 each, Spring Deerling $6, Chikorita $13 OBO, Hasbro Nidorina $15 OBO, Marill change plush $4..

From top to bottom:
Hasbro Torchic $4, Mewtwo $1, Clefairy $1
Friends: Blissey $3, Meowth $2, Marill (no tail poof) $1, Hasbro Chikorita $4
Small Mudkip $3, Snivy keychain $1

Talking large Marill (tested, works) $15
 Snivy $5, Banpresto Gallade $15, Torchic $10, Japanese Manaphy plush $7.


Netsuke Straps!  $4 each.
GONE: Mega Ampharos, Mega Absol

Zangoose: $15, or buy with Seviper and get both for $25!
Cacnea (box has been opened, but figure has not been taken out) $20
Groudon $15
Jirachi $15
Kyorge $15
Seviper $15, or buy with Zangoose and pay only $25 for the pair!
Manectric $30

Mudkip: $15 OBO
Salamence: $10 OBO


Pink/Purple: $2 each, except for Mewtwo- $5. All in varying condition.

Earth-tones: $2 each

Blues: $2 each, Gyarados is $4.

Greens: $2 each, Jirachi is $3.

reds and Oranges: $2 each, except for Vulpix, Arcanine and Rapidash $5 each.

Yellows: $2 each.
GONE: Ampharos,

Clear kids: Top row $4 each, bottom row $2 each.
GONE: Bulbasaur

Fast food toys: $0.5 each.
GONE: Electabuzz, Nidoking.

Jakks Figures: Pidove, Buizel, Bidoof, Swoobat, Drilbur, Pachirisu, Pansage, Golem, Deerling figures: $2 each.
Azelf, Chimecho, Lucario: $3 each.
Clear Latias $15 OBO.

More Jakks:
Breloom $12 OBO, Flareon $30 OBO.

Hasbro Anniversary figures from Target: all are missing their 'attacks', ie firebolts and discs whatnot. $2 each.

Green figures: Machoke, Onix  $1 each.

Pink figures: Golem, Primape, Tauros, Lickitung, Marowak, Exeggcutor, Electabuzz, Pinsir: $1 each.

Pika junk: each on this page $1 each.

Horsea, Mew dogtag, erasers: $1 each.
Muk stamper and mini Chikorita figure: $.50 each.

RARE Vintage metal swing charms!
from left to right:
Mew swing $15 OBO
Clefairy $5 OBO
Surfing Pikachu $15 OBO
Mew on Masterball $20 OBO

Pikachu, Blastoise, Togepi $1 each, Nurse Chansey zipper pull charm $3.

Mighty Beanz: $3 each, except for Poochyena- $6.
WiiU figures: Black Kyurem $20 OBO, all others $5 each. (Croagunk is detached from base, easy to reglue.)

Metal coins: $3 each. Cardboard pogs on right $.50 each.

Everything on this picture $2 each

Pins/Badges: Brock set (missing Vulpix), $4, metal Magneton pin: $3

Foodstuffs: Lollipop holders $2 each, Hoothoot MIP cereal promo spinner toy $3.

Schoolstuffs: Pencil case (w/eraser $4, markers (still work, set of 5) $1.50

Charmander caketopper $1, Talking Marill (not sure if works) $3.

(Sorry for potato quality)
Zukans: Roserade line $5, Glaceon/Leafeon $15 OBO.

 photo 20140530_225149_zpsy4uhe9wh.jpg

GONE: Salamence

 photo 20140530_230250_zpszg84j3v3.jpg
Pokemon banks: Both $3 each. (left one is glow in the dark).

 photo 20140530_231229_zps8qp6alqr.jpg

Misc. MIP things: Keychains $3 each, Pokeball catch figures $2 each, vinyl bag $2, MIP Togepi kid $3, Jigglypuff luggage tag $10, Wigglytuff/Venonat magnets $2 each.

 photo 20140530_233747_zpsn3v9gkcn.jpg

Marbles: Plastic $1 each.
Gone: Lucario

MIP 151 Figures: All $.5 each unless noted.
#25 Pikachu x1
#29 Nidoran female x1
#32 Nidoran male x1
#34 Nidoking x4
#36 Clefable x3
#38 Ninetales $4 each x1
#42 Golbat x3
#43 Oddish x2
#45 Vileplume x3
#46 Paras x1
#48 Venonat x3
#51 Dugtrio x2
#72 Tentacool x3
#77 Ponyta $1 each x1
#78 Rapidash $1 each x3
#82 Magneton x2
#87 Dewgong x3
#90 Shellder x2
#96 Drowzee x2
#97 Hypno x2

sinnoh miniset of 5
$25 OBO for the whole set.

Currently under construction!

Flats- Currently Under construction!

 photo AF08C6FF-3D74-48FC-81AE-9BAE678CB7D0_zpsob0pwjj2.jpg

+Bulba line $1 each (they are TOMY but penciltoppers(, Charmander $5, Pop-Tart Charmander $1, Chrmeleon $6, Charizard $2 each, Blastoise (also penciltopper) $1.
+Metapod $4, Pidgey $4 each, Rattata $1, Raticate $2 each, fearow $1, Ekans $3, Arbok $5 each,
+Pikachus (all) $1 each, Raichu $2 each.

 photo 1964FEEB-AA14-4777-AAFF-5028B12EC9A0_zpsyg7mth1a.jpg

+Sandslash $3 each, Nidorina $20 OBO, Nidoking (pencil topper) $2 each, Zubat (American release) $10 OBO?, Venonat $5, Diglett $2 each, Meowth (broken whisker) $.5 or free with any purchase),
+Psyduck (small hole on bottoms) $1 each, Golduck $2 each, Mankey $3, Growlithe $5.

 photo 84A3B5B9-5482-4868-A866-6964784355B0_zpsrnocfhqt.jpg

+Poliwag $4, Poliwrath $3, Alakazam $3,
+Slowpoke/Slowbro $2 each, Farfetch'd (without leek) $1, Seel $1 each, Audley Dewgong $3.
+Hypno $4, Koffing $3, Weezing $3.

 photo F0A6ADF2-F4AE-4D5B-9156-2D17F8112550_zpsnctewzqc.jpg

+Rhyhorn $10, Horsea $1, Seadra $5, Goldeen/Seaking $4 each,
+Gyarados $2, Eevee and its evolutions $4 each, Wigglytuff $1,
+Snorlax $2 each (one old, one new release), Legendary birds $3 each, Dragonite $3, Mew $5.


 photo F64A1619-E4F6-493E-9117-8DB0CEF77905_zpsufyzxd3a.jpg

+Johto starters $2 each, Sentret $12 OBO, Hoothoot $1 each
+Ledyba $5, Spinarak $6, Pichu $3, Togepi $2, Bellossom $3, Aipom $3.
+Sunflora $7 OBO, Quagsire $6, Espeon $6, Umbreon $5, Slowking $7, Wobbuffet $3.

 photo 2B16CFB5-25F2-4562-9F2B-4C7E11C94D58_zps6ee71klc.jpg

+Houndoom $14 OBO, Entei (one on right is a pencil topper, also smaller) left $5, right $3, Celebi $6, Marill $4.

+Kyogre $5, Kirlia (without base) $10 OBO?, Lotad $10, Torchic $5,
+Flygon $8, Jirachi $5, Druddigon $4, Treeko $5.

FREEBIES! (May increase shipping) Gone: Regigigas
-Due to the HUGE amount of single cards I have, if you need cards, ask me and I'll look for you.

NON-POKEMON SALES: http://vulpeslagopus.livejournal.com/2054.html

I also have code cards for sale! $0.25 a piece for normal, varied prices on tin code cards.
-Would like much more to sell as a large lot.
This comes and goes...


Jul. 7th, 2015 04:13 pm (UTC)
The Deino MPC plush would push the 4 oz mark to 5 oz, which is a fairly large price difference. The package without Deino, shipping would be $9.18, while with the Deino, it jumps up to $12.33. (They're extorting for shipping, I just know it >>)
Jul. 8th, 2015 10:37 am (UTC)
Well the Deino plush for 1$ is too good to pass ^^
I'll take everything I mentioned, including the Deino plush.
Can you please tell me the total? :)
Jul. 8th, 2015 05:08 pm (UTC)
Heya, with everything the total would come to $19.39, payable to: ravengirl33@sbcglobal.net. In the memo, please put your UN and what you bought. If the shipping comes out to less than originally quoted, you'll be refunded the difference :) Thanks!
Jul. 8th, 2015 07:12 pm (UTC)
Payment sent! Please let me know when you've shipped the package out (and the tracking number in case there will be one). Thank you! :)
Jul. 9th, 2015 06:05 pm (UTC)
Heya, not sure if the PayPal message got to you yet, but you'll be getting a message that the shipping label I printed for your order was voided. I mistyped the weight of each item versus the total package weight incorrectly, so I had to void it so it didn't show back up on my doorstep with inconsistent weights.

Just wanted to keep you updated- It may take a few days for the US Postal Service to get the label refund back onto my PayPal account, but when it gets fixed, I'll ship it out then.

Sorry about the mix-up!
Jul. 9th, 2015 08:48 pm (UTC)
Hi! Yes I got a message like that from Paypal.
It's no problem, I can wait. Thanks for info!
I'd be happy if you updated the status on Paypal again once it's shipped out :)

Edit: The package arrived some days ago. Everything was perfect! Thank you :D I left you a feedback and would appreciate one in return :)

Edited at 2015-08-05 05:30 pm (UTC)



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